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Sheephead Painting by Bradford J Salamon

Sheephead Painting by Bradford J Salamon

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The carniverous Sheephead Fish can live for up to 20 years and grow up to 3 feet long. With its massive size and toothy grin, the Sheephead has been a popular catch in big game fishing, but is a vulnerable species. The Sheephead Fish can be caught responsibly on Catalina Island. The island has long attracted fisherman, and the rules of big game fishing were actually founded on the island at the Tuna Club.


This oil painting is well over 3 feet wide, so the fish depicted is close to the size that the Sheephead can get in real life! The artist, Bradford J. Salamon has captured the movement and character of this unique creature with rich colors, and abrasive movement in his painting style. A closer look will reveal thick layers of paint, meticulously applied and then pushed and scraped around with brushes and other tools. The techniques poigniantly capture this menacing fish, but there is also a hint of vulnerability in his eye. 


Bradford J. Salamon is a Southern California Artist from Newport Beach. He has been a muscian, and an artist of many mediums. He became well-known for his portraiture, but in 2011, Salamon focused on an old toy car left in his studio by one of his daughters. Using a new painting technique, he realized it was not just a still life that he had painted, but an actual portrait of an object. Pleased with the results, he began a new series of vintage object paintings that were exhibited in several West Coast galleries. Meanwhile, his interest in portraiture continued unabated. In 2017, he began painting a series of everyday objects. These objects range from cheeseburgers to sunflower seeds, and place settings to rolls of toilet paper. About this time, Salamon began a series of sculptures using various mediums including concrete, liquid nails and other industrial materials. 


We are very proud to have this painting in our store and you can be proud to support both our museum and a living artist by adding it to your collection.  


Oil on Canvas

Year of completion: 2018

Dimensions: 42" X 21"

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