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Tall Tiki Tales Custom Ceramic Tiki Mug

Tall Tiki Tales Custom Ceramic Tiki Mug

SKU: 6905

Collect this one-of-a-kind Catalina Island tiki mug designed by the one and only Sven Kirsten in partnership with Tiki Farm.


With a unique caramel glaze, this mug details Catalina's involvement in the making of South Sea island adventure books into films - at the island's Isthmus - and then into tiki bars. In contrast from its lighter exterior, the mug's interior features a deep rich red glaze. 


The mug measures 7.5" tall, 3.15" wide at the top and bottom and 2.42" wide at the center. Each mugh will be shipped with a postcard created by Tall Tiki Tales: Catalina as a South Seas Island exhibition sponsor Deadhead Rum. The card includes the recipe for the proper Catalina-inspired rum drink to enjoy in your new tiki mug. 


The Sven Kirsten Kollection

Tiki Farm®  © 2022

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